About YGK Boxing

Welcome to YGK Boxing, a vibrant community boxing club founded in January 2018 with a commitment to fostering growth and well-being across all age groups. Our focus extends beyond the gloves as we passionately dedicate ourselves to the development of kids, youth, adults, and seniors through the transformative power of exercise and boxing. Nestled in an inclusive community within a positive environment, our club is a place where individuals not only enhance their confidence, strength, and boxing abilities but also forge lasting friendships. Whether your aspirations are personal development, a healthier lifestyle, or aspiring to become the next Champion of the World, YGK Boxing is your club. We invite you to surpass your expectations in this safe and encouraging space, designed to bring out the best in everyone. "Your Best Has Yet To Be Unleashed" is not just a motto—it's a guiding principle that defines our shared journey towards empowerment and excellence. Join YGK Boxing and embark on a path where your true potential awaits.

YGK Boxing Rules

  1. No BULLYING of any kind (ZERO TOLERANCE).
  2. Don't be late for class.
  3. No outside shoes worn on workout floor.
  4. Membership dues must be paid on time.
  5. Everyone must sign a liability waiver if participating in group exercise, workouts, and sparring.
  6. Absolutely no swearing, abusive language, or negativity
  7. Work hard to the best of your ability and if you can't do something based on limitation or injury please let the coaches know prior to the workout.
  8. Respect the coaches, club and other members because everyone is here for a different reason, please take your training seriously!
  9. We work, train and fight with a team mentality and no one is in it for themselves.
  10. No gum chewing.
  11. No jewellery to be worn that may cause injury to other members.
  12. Safely put away the equipment after use.
  13. No mobile phones or camera devices to be used to be used during the workout unless given permission.
  14. Sparring requires proper fitting shoes, headgear, mouth guard, 16 oz gloves and shirt, jock for men, signed liability waiver, and approval from coaches (no exceptions).
  15. Absolutely NO alcohol, drugs or steroids of any kind permitted on the premises. Any known activity of the following will be grounds for termination of your membership.

Boxing is an art of self defence and is not to be used to street fight and intimidate. If any member of YGK Boxing is found using boxing skills to street fight or intimidate they will not be permitted to use the club and any boxing license will be withdrawn. No exceptions.

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